OSC Changelog


  • All Components: Added BMS 4.34 compatibility.
  • F4AWACS: Fixed a bug with tape playback that could crash the program.


  • All Components: Added BMS 4.33U1 compatibility.
  • F4AWACS: Fixed a bug with importing airports (in the FREQ Window) from cam files.


  • All Components: Added BMS 4.33 compatibility.
  • F4AWACS: New recording file format supporting smaller file sizes (loading old format is supported as well).
  • F4AWACS: Theaters are loaded directly from “Theaters” folder when program starts. If you are given some theater files (ini, gif and dat files) you can put them in the Theaters folder.
  • SQSERVER: Fixed some bugs in Setup Details Form.
  • MSTRUPDTR: Fixed a bug with the update proccess.


  • F4AWACS: Fixed a bug with speed vectors.
  • F4AWACS: Fixed a bug with importing objectives show up in different folder.
  • F4AWACS: Fixed a bug importing objectives from cam files (and cam saves as well).
  • F4AWACS: Added an option to export objective graphics.
  • F4AWACS: Added an option to color importing objectives according to Team.


  • SQSERVER: Fixed a bug while trying to see a player's error list.
  • F4AWACS: Fixed a bug that Real Player plots were sometimes garmbled.
  • AISPY: Attended to a bug that not all AI plots were visible (don't know if it's fixed).


  • F4AWACS: Improved the Import objective function, to disregard some not essential lines.
  • AISPY: Fixed a runtime error 9 when trying to get data from Falcon.
  • All programs: Added an auto update option.
  • MstrUpdr: Added an offline update option.


Original released version of OSC.


Old version that is obsolete.

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