Online Squadron Collection Manual

Current Version: 2.0.7

What is it?

Online Squadron Collection (or OSC) is, as the name implies, a collection of programs that mainly can be very helpful to Squadrons that fly Falcon 4 online. The main functionalities that OSC provides are file comparison for making sure the setup that one has is the same with everybody else's (critical for Falcon 4 multiplayer) and Ground Control Intercept (GCI) environment for taking the role of a Weapons Controller in a Falcon 4 online mission.

The collection is made out of three main programs plus the update tool. These main programs and the basic role they have are:

  • SQSERVER: That's the heart of the collection. It's the main server program that everything else is connected to. It routes data between the other applications plus it holds the list of original setups that the players are validating against.
  • AISPY: This program captures AI planes from a Falcon session and sends the data to be displayed by F4AWACS.
  • Validator: This program has two main roles. It provides an interface so you can validate your Falcon setup against the original one that is stored in SQSERVER, plus it gets your aircraft position when Falcon is running and sends it to F4AWACS.
  • F4AWACS: This is the interface for providing GCI service to Falcon.
  • MstrUpdr: This tool provides an easy interface to update your OSC setup (when an update is provided of course).

IMPORTANT: OSC was created for Falcon BMS. The program may or may not work with other Falcon flavors. For now, I can only support issues related to Falcon BMS. I have included setup validation support and AISPY support for FreeFalcon but it was never tested. Use it with your own risk.

AISPY will probably not work (out of the box) with FreeFalcon. You need to open AISPY.ini file and fill in the FALCON_TYPE_FF (curently reading FreeFalcon) with the correct Window name that FreeFalcon uses when running. F4AWACS's advanced features won't work either with FreeFalcon. Expect only basic plot display and custom Area display.

For details for every program, refer to Reference pages.

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