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OSC Usage

General Idea

OSC programs are meant to be used over a network. SQSERVER is the main server that has the task of sending and sharing all the data between the other programs connected to it. All the other programs are connected to SQSERVER either feeding the network with data or displaying these data. When you first connect to SQSERVER, you must select a channel (either blue, red or both). Depending the program you're using, you can only receive or send data to players at the same channel. Players logged in as both, will send to or receive data from everyone.

As long as the following conditions are met, there isn't any other restriction for using the programs.


The usage of every program in OSC is very flexible and given the next conditions/rules are followed, you'll succeed in connecting everything and get the desired outcome:

  • Ports: Every program has an option to change the default port(s) that it listens or trying to connect to. It is of course essential that F4AWACS and Validator port settings match the ones of SQSERVER. Furthermore, it may be needed to forward these ports from you router settings to your computer. Refer to your router's manuals for how to do this (It is referred to as NAT or Virtual Servers or Port Forwarding some times).
  • SQSERVER: SQSERVER doesn't have any limitations so it can be run everywhere. Since it is the server of OSC, and everything is connected to it, it is preferred to run on a computer with a known IP address (for easy connection) and with the most bandwidth. Bandwidth is not a real consideration though, as the data transfered are maximum (50*Real_Players+60*AI_planes) bytes per cycle (the default is 10 seconds). So, even if you have like 20 real players and 50 AI planes at the same time, the maximum bandwidth needed is 3.9 kb per cycle.
  • AISPY: Since AISPY is responsible for reading the AI data from Falcon memory and send it back to SQSERVER, it is needed to be run on the same computer Falcon runs. Falcon session must be running in the “theater map” mode and not in 3D and it's not needed to be the Falcon Server, any Falcon session connected to Falcon Server waiting on the 2d map screen can be used.
  • Validator: Since Validator is used to validate a player's setup and send her position to SQSERVER when airborne, it must be run on the same computer of the Player.
  • F4AWACS: No limitations here, can be run on any computer, with network connection of course.
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