Player vs AI

This is the most common usage scenario. Let's say two friends are trying to fly a mission vs AI with a third one joining as GCI controller. This can be done either by using a dedicated server for Falcon, or one of the two friends is the server.

Dedicated Server

Internet Server If you have a dedicated server for running Falcon (and assuming the server stays on to 2D map) you can setup the connections like the picture above.

Falcon Server is running Falcon of course and SQSERVER. Now, because Falcon Server is running on this computer (and stays always on 2D) we run AISPY on the same computer. AISPY is connected to SQSERVER by putting the Server's internal (LAN) IP (something like or or just

All the players are running Validator and connecting it to SQSERVER by putting the Server's external (WAN) IP (the same you use for Falcon).

The GCI runs F4AWACS and connects to SQSERVER as well by putting again the Server's external (WAN) IP.

All players should select the same channel during connection to SQSERVER (either Blue, Red or Both).

Player as Server

Custom Server If one of the players is acting as Falcon Server then the above connectivity is one of the possible solutions.

The computer running Falcon Server is running SQSERVER as well (SQSERVER may be run by anyone in this example).

All the players are just running Validator as usual and connect to Falcon Server's external (WAN) IP.

The GCI player needs a way to get data from Falcon but can't get it from Falcon Server because it is going to be running in 3D. The solution is to run Falcon as a client and just connect to the mission but stay in 2D map all the time (it can be in the background with Falcon minimized in window mode). Then she runs AISPY and connects to SQSERVER's external (WAN) IP. Last, she runs F4AWACS and connect it to Falcon Server's external (WAN) IP as well.

Again all players should be on the same channel (Blue, Red or Both) in order to exchange data.

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