Random Tile Replacer Window

This tool will allow you to search for a specific tile and replace all its occurrences with some other tiles with a random manner, allowing you to create variations of a tile. You can set the probability that a tile has over the other, when it comes to which one to use to replace the original.

To set the tile to search for, you can either paint it from the Tile Palette Window or paste it using the Paste button.

You can even define a bounding box, inside which the search and replace will be conducted.

Below the tile you're searching for, you will see the number of occurrences of that tile in your bounding box. You may want to hit Refresh to refresh that number.

Replacing tiles

Here you can define up to twelve tiles that can be used for replacing the original one. You can again paint the tile, Paste it or Clear it.

The slider is the weight this tile has over the others in replacing the original tile. When all the sliders have the same value, all the tiles defined as replacement of the original will be used equal times. Below each tile you can see the number of times this particular tile will be used.

You can Reset all Sliders to their original status, or Clear all tiles at the same time with the controls at the bottom of the window.

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