Tile Palette Window

Opening this window you'll get the following picture.

The purpose of this window is to display all the tiles in texture.bin file, arranged by their categories. Here you can select a tile directly, and use it as a brush in Theater Window and replace the original tiles. This behavior is canceled when the tile is selected.

TipThe mouse cursor will be changed in Theater Window when this behavior is activated, to this image:

Window Size Sliders

These sliders control how many tiles will be displayed Vertically (V) or Horizontally (H). Changing these sliders, the window size will change accordingly.

Category Selector and Tile Size

This combo controls the current category to be displayed (or the custom categories if Custom Categories are selected).

Custom Categories

This checkbox controls whether the categories, as described in texture.bin, or any defined custom categories, will be displayed. The Custom categories are stored in files with extension ''*.cct''. You can create, load or save a cct file by clicking the Edit button. Doing so, this window is displayed:

With this window, you can open (or create if it doesn't exist) a *.cct file and add or delete categories in it. To add a category, you just type the name of the new category and press the Add button. To delete one, you select the appropriate checkbox in the list and press the Delete button.

CautionIf you delete a category from a *.cct file and this category contains one or more tiles in it, these tiles are deleted as well from the *.cct file.The texture.bin file is not affected by any of these actions.
TipThis window only controls the categories in the *.cct file. To add tiles in a specific custom category, you need to do it when displaying the default categories, by right clicking on a tile and selecting Add to custom Category menu. This must be done after the *.cct is loaded. The same can be done in the BIN Editor Window as well.
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