Current Version: 1.1.1


This is a standalone program that can display a 3d representation of a terrain grid with a texture. It takes two command line arguments:

  • Grid File: A binary file that contains elevation data in short format( 2 bytes per elevation). The elevation points must be a perfect square of a number (the grid must be square). The format of the file is:
Byte # Size Meaning Type
0 4 Total number of points Long
4 4 Distance in feet between two points (default 3280.84 ft = 1km) Float
8 2 Elevation of the 1st point Short
10 2 Elevation of the 2nd point Short
(2*(n-1))+8 2 Elevation of the nth point Short
  • Texture File: A bitmap image that will be stretched on top the grid.
TipIf you start the T3dView from within TerrainEditor, the above files will be generated automatically from the program (and stored inside Program Folder\Temp with file names tmp.bin and tex.bmp. For best results in 3d space, start the T3dView while in L0/ELV mode.

Keyboard Shortcuts

These keyboard shortcuts are available:

  • F1: Display help.
  • W, A, S, D, Arrow keys: Move camera horizontally.
  • HOME, END, MOUSE_WHEEL: Move camera vertically (MOUSE_WHEEL only works in full screen mode).
  • NUM8, NUM2, MOUSE_X: Pitch camera (MOUSE_X only works in full screen mode).
  • NUM4, NUM6, MOUSE_Y: Yaw camera (MOUSE_Y only works in full screen mode).
  • NUM7, NUM9, MOUSE_RIGHT+MOUSE_X: Roll camera (MOUSE_RIGHT+MOUSE_X only works in full screen mode).
  • LEFT_SHIFT along with any movement keys: Camera moves more quickly.
  • LEFT_CONTROL along with any movement keys: Camera moves more slowly.
  • C: Toggle the display of statistics on the screen.
  • Q: Toggle the display of the grid as wireframe.
  • T: Toggle the display of the textures.
  • L: Toggle the lights in the scene and casting of shadows.
  • INSERT, DELETE: Increases or decreases the angle of the light source, when lights are enabled (range 0° to 180°). A yellow sphere in the scene simulates the current light source when lights are enabled.
  • NUM5, MOUSE_MIDDLE: Reset camera's Pitch and Roll values (MOUSE_MIDDLE only works in full screen mode).
  • F: Toggle Fly mode or Walk mode (around 100ft above ground).
  • F11, ALT+ENTER: Toggle full screen.
  • ESCAPE, ALT+X: Exit application.


The statistics displayed when the C key is pressed are:

  • Whether textures are ON or OFF.
  • Whether lights are ON or OFF.
  • Current light source angle.
  • Frames per second (FPS).
  • Current Roll angle value (0° to 180° for each side).
  • Current Pitch angle value (-180° to +180°).
  • Current Yaw angle value (0° to 359°). Yaw angle is the azimuth as well.
  • X/Y coordinates in feet measuring from the low-left point of the grid.
  • Current altitude of the camera in feet.
  • Elevation of the grid at the specific point the camera is at, in feet.
  • X/Y coordinates in number of tiles measuring from the low-left point of the grid.
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