MAP Editor

This is an editor for the file located in the terrain folder. In the upper part of the window, you can view and edit all the data contained in this file, where in the lower part you can view and edit the palette information contained in this file.

You can change a specific color of the palette by either left or right click on it. With left click you get a standard Windows Color Dialog for you to specify the color visually but with no alpha information. With right click you get a custom dialog where you can set numeric values for Red, Green, Blue and Alpha.

TipAlthough alpha color data are stored inside the file, I haven't come to a conclusion about the actual usage of it inside Falcon.

Here you can change all the alpha values for all colors in the palette, by pressing the corresponding button and entering an alpha value. Moreover you can set all color entries to the same color, or reload the file that is currently open. If you press Save in order to save the file, when you press Reload, it will load of course, the last saved copy.

Here you can save all the information on the window to the file. Note that there is not a possibility to save the file with a different name. This button is active only when a change is made to the window and the file needs to be saved.

Pressing these buttons, will get you back to the Main Terrain Editor Window or open your browser to this documentation.

These two buttons give you the functionality to Import or Export the color data. The formats for export are ACT, PAL or Bitmap, while for import is only ACT or PAL. The ACT and PAL format are standard, while the Bitmap format is a Bitmap Image 512×512 pixels, with 16×16 pixels squares of each color.

CautionAlpha information is exported only if exported in PAL format. ACT or BMP formats does not contain any alpha information. The same of course is the case while importing colors.
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