Elevation Lab Window

This window's purpose is to help you edit the elevation data of the loaded L2 file or the L0/ELV file. There two methods to change the elevation data.

Direct Replacing

By setting the Elevation value in the Click and set Elevation frame and then pressing the Activate button, you can click directly on the tiles in the Theater Window and change the elevation of the tile. The mouse cursor of the Theater Window will change to an arrow (pointing SE), to indicate this action.

Area Elevation

You can select a rectangular range of tiles on Theater Window and change their elevation with one click. To do this, you first press the Set the Area button and select the range of tiles. To indicate this action, the mouse cursor over Theater Window will change to a cross and the selected tiles will be overlay-ed by a semi transparent gray layer.

TipThe selection action is press-drag-release, over the Theater Window and not two clicks as it is while Importing/Exporting tiles.

After the Area is set, the Recommended Elevation textbox will be populated by the mean elevation of the selected tiles. If you want a different elevation to be applied to the selected tiles, you can change this value. After that, you just press the Set button and change the elevation of all selected tiles.

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