Features Window

This window is used to load Features files and to control which of these features will be displayed on the Theater Window. All features are displayed only for reference while changing the theater tiling.

You can load a Features file (TDF) by pressing the Load Features button and to unload all the loaded features by pressing the Unload All button. Each loaded feature filename will be displayed in the list at the bottom, where you can select one to unload it with the Unload Selected button.

With the Show Features checkbox, you control whether the features will be displayed on the Theater Window, but you have to turn on the Feature categories checkboxes as well, for any Feature category to be displayed. The colored buttons control the color of the Feature Category, the size slider, the size in pixels and the Font button (when applicable) the font for this Feature Category. You can select (or deselect) all feature categories at once with the Select All checkbox.

The Move Features region allows to apply a displacement value to all the original feature locations, either horizontally or vertically. Pressing the Reset button, the displacement value (horizontally and vertically) resets to 0.

TipYou can have more than one Feature Categories in a single Features file (TDF), with no specific order or grouping.
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