Theater Window

This is the window where all the information are displayed.

There are three ways to navigate:

  • Middle mouse click: Pressing the middle mouse button on a specific tile, this tile will be transfered to the middle of this window.
  • Mouse wheel: Scrolling the mouse wheel, the map will scroll vertically. If you hold the Ctrl key and scroll the mouse wheel, the map will scroll horizontally.
  • Use the scrollbars: Using the scrollbars, will scroll the map vertically or horizontally.

Tooltip text

While hovering the mouse over every tile, you'll get the tooltip showing on the left. The tooltip text contains the following data:

  • X, Y: The tile coordinates ranging from 0 to <Theater Width/Height> - 1.
  • Segment: X, Y coordinates for the current segment that the tile belongs to.
  • Tile #: Serial number of the tile in texture.bin file.
  • The name of the image file of this tile.
  • Palette #: The stored number in the tile, that corresponds to the color index of the palette.
TipThe contents of the tooltip text are dynamic. When the Objective Lab Window is visible (with a valid tac file loaded, and show objectives option is enabled), if there are any objective information associated with this tile, these will be displayed as well.

Right Click Menu

When you click the right mouse button, you'll get the following menu:

  • Tile's Properties: You'll get a dialog displaying all the specific tile's values in loaded L2. Pressing OK on this dialog will update the tile with the new values.
  • Locate Tile in Tile Palette: The specific tile will be highlighted in Tile Palette Window.
  • Locate Tile in BIN Editor: The specific tile will be highlighted in BIN Editor Window.
  • Locate Tile's Palette Color in MAP: The specific tile's color index will be highlighted in MAP Editor Window.
  • Copy Tile: Copies the tile's ''Tile Offset'' into the Clipboard.
  • Paste Tile: Pastes the previously copied ''Tile Offset'' from the Clipboard into the current location.
  • Copy Tooltip to Clipboard: Copies the tooltip into the Clipboard as text.
TipThe contents of this menu are dynamic. When the Objective Lab Window is visible, some other menu items are added to the above.
TipYou can access the Tile's Properties dialog by double-clicking a tile, directly. The double-click can be done either with the left mouse button, or the middle one.
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