Search Results Window

Displays all the results from the Search Criteria Window. All the results are displayed on the List, with the result number and coordinates (X and Y). Double clicking on a result, the Theater Window Map will be reposition to display these coordinates on its center.

Pressing the Select All checkbox, you select all results from the list to be able to perform some other tasks with them:

Change Tile Data

The Set All Checked button sets all selected tiles in the list, to the data that you specify in the textboxes. In order to select if a data field of the selected tiles, will be replaced by the value you specify, the checkbox next to it must be checked (that is also for the value textbox to be activated).

Add Objectives

The purpose here is to add objectives in a tac file (loaded via the Objective Lab Window) by using the checked result positions and the objective type and ID that you define by the two combos.

TipIn order for the Add Objectives frame to be displayed, you must have the Objective Lab Window open and a valid tac file is to be loaded. If after that you close the Objective Lab Window, this frame will be invisible, until you reopen it.
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