Search Criteria Window

This window helps you create search criteria in order to search for specific tiles. The idea is that you are searching for the center tile (painted green) by setting specific criteria for it (tile offset, elevation, PAL offset, X1 and X2), but also specific criteria for any neighboring tiles. Any criteria entry left blank, is considered true (something like wildchar).


You can enter none or all of the following five criteria:

  • Tile Offset
  • Elevation
  • Palette
  • X1
  • X2

You can use the following special characters before the actual value you want to search for:

  • !: Means “Not Equal”, or return all values not equal to this.
  • <: Smaller than.
  • >: Bigger than.

You can set the tile, for which the criteria are meant for, by clicking on the corresponding block, on the left side of the window. Clicking on another block, or clicking the Search button the criteria for the block will be saved.

General Criteria

You can define some general criteria for your search:

  • Tiles outside map are true: If checked, all tiles at the edge of the map (that don't have neighboring tiles) will be processed as if they had neighboring tiles that fulfilled the conditions for them.
  • Search Range: You can set the range for X and Y dimensions in which the search will take place.
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