Theater Preview Window

This is just a preview of the currently loaded L2 file. You can see a green rectangle, which represent the current viewport in Theater Window and (when applicable) the Import/Export Area (represented with the same color defined in Main Window). Additionally, the results of the Block Replacer Window will be displayed here (if it's selected to be displayed) and the coordinate grid if selected in Coordinate Settings.

Clicking on this window, you change the current viewport and move the Theater Window Map. Pressing the Save Pic button, you can save this picture as a BMP image.

There are three available pictures to display.

  • Preview: This is the default picture that is composed dynamically by the elevation data of the theater.
  • THR: Displays the .thr file's data. You can load your own thr file by selecting the Open THR file button. Theater's default thr file is loaded on startup.
  • Custom: You can define a custom image to be displayed here by selecting the Open Custom Img button. Until you select an image for the first time, the Custom button won't be enabled. The custom image is displayed according to theater's proportions.
TipIf the thr file is not found during startup, the THR button will be disabled. In order to enable it again you must select the Make THR File menu from the Main Window, or load a custom thr file.

The Zoom slider controls zooming in/out on the currently displayed image. The zooming is maintained if you change the displayed image.

CautionThe sea color (blue) in this picture, is calculated if the tile's elevation is 0 and the tile offset is 0 as well (the default for sea tile). If you have a different tile offset for the sea tile, the sea in this window will not be displayed correctly.
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